"under skin" (2011)


These two outfits were inspired by two different themes: an ethnic crash consisting of the choice of an ethnic group and a time period. The Kaningara, a tribe of Papua New Guinea, called also the "crocodile people" served as ethnic group and rococo as period. This ethnos makes use of the ritual of excarnation which results °to earn more force°. They create scars on their bodies which remind the skin of a crocodile, their sacred animal.

Rococo instead was a movement, famous for its research in textile for bright and luminous colours, with rich patterns, ornaments and applications. The combination of these two concepts leads to the research of precious fabrics in the style of rococo with textures that imitate the scars of the Kaningara. To obtain these structures on the fabric, different methods were used. I experimented with perforated leather, buttons sewn on a fabric covered by silvery jersey, a doubled fabric with parallel seams that crimp the upper layer, chiffon with applications and firmly sewed folds that look like plissé.