"precious moss" (2020) by Laura GuildA

 (30 x 24,5 x 2,5 cm)

In an age when sustainability of precious resources has been disregarded, it has become evident that the preservation of the beauty of nature has to be given more focus. The natural flora and fauna of the planet have not loose sight of this concept. The plants were the first alive organisms and do play an important role for the entire life on earth, without them, animal and human life cannot exist. 

The work "precious moss" is made of finest green silk thread selvedge that seem to create a kind of moss. In the upper right, a small opening in the weave reveals a turquoise warp and a cord that comes out, that was part of the original antique frame. 

This work speaks about the innocence of nature and draws attention to its value by being framed in gold. 

Mass deforestation fueled by agriculture, industrial expansion, pollution and water contamination has lead to the extinction of several species of moss in their native woodlands and swamps. Lately was registered a radical decrease or even an erasement of the different species of mosses.

The natural "carbon sinks" (vegetation and ocean) of the planet where photosynthesis takes place to help deal with the exchange of gasses in the atmosphere is now in danger. The equilibrium of the ecosystem will collapse if this continues at such an alarming rate. 

This work represents the fear of loosing the battle for the planet, of not seeing the moss grow again. The beauty of moss in the focus of the frame should not be left to the chance of pulling the "alarm cord". By then, it might be too late.