In my first year of Brera Academy I participated at a course held by sculptor Nada Pivetta which aimed to think about urban art for the new area of the Rho Fiera train station which leads to the entrance of the Expo 2015 fair. The artists and designers were asked to do a project analyzing the gateway of the station and to think about an eye-catching and maybe interactive sculpture to propose. I participated with my idea of a big illuminated golden brass structure which represents the sun and its rays to make the visitor think about finding the light at the end of the tunnel. After walking through different public spaces of the railway platforms and escalators and passing by long monotonously tunnels people arrive at the exit of the station and at the same time arrive at the entrance of the fair and would find my sculpture "sun rays" which is a big light and warm welcome.

All the projects proposed were shown within the title "Arte sotto Milano" which is a wide-ranging project which includes also public art in the metro stations of the city of Milan. The exhibition of the contest was held from 18th to 30th of March 2014 at the Museo della Permanente in Milan. My work was much appreciated but did not win the realization of the project.

Comunicato stampa mostra "Arte sotto Milano" 2014
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