"weaving frame" (2014) by Laura GuildA 


is an installation consisting of a video projection on a big empty golden picture frame hanging on the wall.. On the frame is projected a sequence of pictures of the process of weaving a long ribbon on the frame itself which is made of different stripes of fabric of sartorial waste sewn together. The ribbon is wrapping around the golden frame covering it completely leaving empty just a few parts of it where one can still see the gold of the frame. After its covering, the ribbon is again uncovering the frame and it continues covering and uncovering in a loop. The video's sound is the noise of a working loom. The video shows the process of making a very special fabric, which result is existing just in the projection of the photos of it. So the spectator is seeing and not seeing the woven fabric. The real fabric created is not hanging on the frame anymore. This work of art wants to make aware of the large amount of waste produced by the fashion industry and wants to animate to use materials and resources we already have. It plays also with the fact of weaving on a picture frame instead of on a weaving frame which makes one thinking of the fabric as work of art.. The woven fabric in its golden frame accentuates the contrast of waste and preciousness.