"saving the plan(e)t" (2015) by Laura GuildA 


is an installation of 47 yogurt plastic bottles filled with earth in which were planted different types of flower seeds. After several weeks tiny little plants started to grow in most of the bottles and were then arranged to hang on a wall during a presentation of Brera Academy in the desecrated "San Carpoforo" church in the Brera district of Milan. The installation aims to make aware of our exaggerated use of plastic and the pollution of the environment.

Drinking just 100ml of yogurt out of this kind of bottle produces circa 0,2 gram of waste.

A study says that just 23 % of plastic waste is recycled, The rest of it ends up to be thrown in the ocean every second or ends up as waste in landfill where it will be encapsulated forever and will take roughly 450 years to break down.*

The nature will make its way anyway and it will probably happen that plants will grow out of waste everywhere.

But do we want this? Let us reduce our plastic instead and let us prevent the plants to grow out of bottles and save the planet!

*Lorraine Chow 2017 1Million Plastic Bottles Bought every Minute, That's Nearly 20,000 Every Second. https://www.ecowatch.com/plastic-bottle-crisis-2350299465.hml