Participation at the group exhibition "Presa in carico" during *Studi Festival 2016 Milan held in my laboratory in studio Pervinca. The exhibition divided in two floors involved the whole living and working space of the loft which is an ex industrial butchery and in which today are living and working several artists. The exhibition illustrates the collaboration and the working space of each of the artist presented like in a "factory". The title of the exhibition is leaded to the fact that in studio Pervinca the people are taking care of the artistic and personal aspects and in general of the space and of each other. "Presa in carico" in italian means: taking charge. 

At the top floor on a big carpenter table were exhibited several sketch books of the artists and on the walls and other furniture were exposed their works. At the ground floor me, Laura GuildA and my artist friend Eleonora Gugliotta arranged our works which are linked together because both of us are always working with threads and textile, light, video and sound. My friend presented her interactive work in the elevator and I presented my installations "washing line" and "weaving frame" in my work space.               photos by Alessandro Allegrini