"revolutionary goat" (2015)


The eclectic fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, also called Schiap wrote her biography called "Shocking Life" which was published originally in 1954.  Recently it was republished and in the first chapter Elsa describes her childhood and how she was raised by her nanny giving her goat milk to drink. There is a quote of her, believing that the goat’s milk she was fed as a baby made her become “both revolutionary and stubborn”. This dress is inspired by this image and consists of a hand-felted shirt, a stitched belt and a large "turkish" trousers with attached buttons which integrates the feet of the wearer. The outfit was part of the exhibition of the tribute to the famous italian fashion designer in July at "ArtDesignBox", located at the opposite of the gates of EXPO Milano 2015, Rho Fiera Expo Milan, Italy.                                                           model Biancarosa Chrico photos by Nicoletta Assaretti