Laura Guilda Grote is a german artist based in Milan, Italy. Read more in bio



TEXTILE WORKS by Laura GuildA are mostly created with women's handwork techniques like knitting, sewing, wrapping, weaving, knotting or felting manipulating threads, fabrics, fibres and other materials. She uses also video as a medium to emphasize her INSTALLATIONS which often refer or criticize the fashion industry, mass production, environmental pollution and the consumer society. Her dresses always tell a story. Each unique piece and can be seen as WEARABLE ART.



This is her artistic portfolio. 

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artist statement


My work is often conceptual and contemporary. Because I studied fashion design before I studied art, I am influenced by it and I have developed an affinity to the art of hand crafted work. I feel great joy in the manual work and often lose myself for hours in the process of creation. I can describe it as entering in a kind of "meditative state of being".

Being an artist for me has always been a way to communicate and to express my thoughts and opinions. I like to think that I can awaken the awareness of those who see my works and I would be happy if I could also solicit enough responsibility to encourage people to act.