"identity dress" (2013)


Who am I? I am Laura, but deep inside of me, at the same time I am also guilda.

Guilda is my second name and a second me. Guilda was there since ever. It is my life project, it is a vision which is manifesting itself-slowly, slowly and faster and faster, but always in the right time.

Here I created a dress which represents me and my label. The Identitydress can be fitted with post stamps, with pictures, photographs or with anything else. Mine is with my four-leaf clovers.

This dress is made of 8 plastic slide holder pages, sewn together with a transparent thread. It has green ribbons run at the side and a black double sided zip on the back. The four-leaf clovers are protected with transparent adhesive tape. In a second step I sewed with green wool on top of the separation lines attaching a black chiffon fabric behind. So on one side the dress would have the plastic surface with green stitching and on the other side it would have the chiffon with black stitching. It is finished around with an elastic band.