upcoming exhibition:

"Feltrosa 2022" exhibition of shared artwork- three big panels of squared fragments of "Notte Stellata" by Van Gogh at Rocca di Sala Baganza (PR) (26.05.-29.05.2022) 

"Tessere giardini" curated by Gabriella Anedi of 'Fiber Art and' gallery at Saloni Morano at Rosignano Monferrato (21.05.-12.06.2022) 

"Radici - art residence" curated by Margaret Sgarra at KAMart in Cereggio (RE) (15.05-29..05.2022) 


current exhibition:

"I-stanze" curated by Antonietta Grandesso at Spazio Thetis -Tesa 106 at Arsenale Novisisimo (Bacin) in Venice (26.02-07..04.2022) 

past exhibitions:

"Music for airports" curated by Chiara Badde, Erica Massacesi and Lara Spagnolli at NICE & FAIR during PARATISSIMA at ARTiglieria Con/temporary Art Center in Turin (TO) (28.10-12.12.2021) 

"L'Altro e L'Oltre" curated by Gabriella Anedi of 'Fiber Art and' gallery at Saloni Morano at Rosignano Monferrato (23.10.-30.11.2021) 

"Young Fiber Contest 5 (2020) - Il filo dell'arte contemporanea" curated by Silvana Nota at Imbiancheria Del Vajro, Chieri (TO) (15.10.2021-15.01.2022) 

"Percezioni dal sottosuolo" curated by Paolo Lolicata and Laura Pieri during Walk-In Studio at Atelier-1, Milan (05.10-09.10.2021) 

"Think Green" curated by Margaret Sgarra at Casa dell'Ambiente in Turin (TO) (13.-19.09.2021) 

"Trame a Corte - 18° edition Fiber Art Contest" curated by Antonia Sorsoli at Rocca di Sala Baganza (PR) (11.-19.09.2021) 

"Crystals and Mirros" by Laura GuildA and Aliviero Zane curated by Roberta Reali, sponsored by Association Steps Ahead will take place during the Venice Glass Week at Le Café at Campo Santo Stefano 2797 San Marco 30124 Venice (04.-12.09.2021)

"I introduce myself" - first exhibition of RestART! at Imbiancheria del Vajro in Chieri with 80 works of textile artists from the "Trame d'Autore" Civic Collection including my chair "lost childhood". (15.06-15.09.2021)

"Per filo & per segno" - exhibition of mailart curated by Marisa Cortese. My artwork "Le Impiraresse" will be exhibited at Fabbrica della Ruota in Pray (Biella) (06.06-10.10.2021)

"10° International Biennial Mini and 2° Micro Textile Art Scythia" curated by Ludmila Egorava, Anastasia and Andrew Schneider. My mini textile work "heritage" and my micro textile work "memento" were chosen to be exhibited at the Museum in Galyts'ka street and at the Centre of Contemporary Art, Ivano-Frankivs'k, Ukraine (01.-15.06..2021)   

"Venice International Art Fair" curated by Luca Curci, My textile work "veritas" was chosen to be exhibited at Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello Cannareggio Venice (10.05-03.06..2021)   

"Attesa ad un filo" - exhibition with Eleonora Gugliotta and Mahnaz Ekhtiary during Walk-In Studio curated by Mariarosaria Cavalliere, Federica D'Avanzo and Erika Gravante at Laboratorio VI.P., Milan (20.10.-22.11.2020)   

"Bellezza e stupore in Villa" - collective exhibition curated by Marisa Cortese. My installations "keep distance" and "sit and reflect" were shown at Villa Giulia, Verbania (Lago Maggiore) (02.-11..10.2020)   

"Borderline Festival" - collective exhibition curated by Marisa Cortese. My installation "knitting life" was shown at Palazzo d'Adda in Varallo Sesia (25..-27.09.2020)   

17th international Fiber Art Contest "Trame a Corte" curated by Antonia Sorsoli. I participated with my textile work "vitia" shown at Rocca di Sala Baganza (Parma) (12.-20.09.2020)  

"Fil rouge" - solo exhibition curated by Barbara Pavan and Susanna Cati at SCD Textile & Art Studio Gallery, Perugia (22.08.-10.09.2020)